Boris Nets was founded by Boris Howard (who originated from Poland) in July 1958. It was started as a family business by Boris and Lilian Howard. For many years two of Lilian’s sisters, Mame and Ciss, also worked within the company. Boris and Lilian’s daughter Annette started working with the company as soon as she left school. Boris Nets have always been innovative they were the first company to commercially use polythene twine, then known as courlene which was developed by Courtaulds. Boris himself travelled extensively for Courtaulds to Iceland and Norway to promote courlene.

The company expanded rapidly in the late 1950’s due to an unfortunate accident, a Victor bomber carrying nuclear weapons, crashed in the sea off Milford Haven. Boris nets were given the contract via Courtaulds to make the nets to collect the debris, over 90% of the bomber was recovered.

Most small boats used to make their own nets, usually out of cotton, but soon many were using Boris nets, made from the new wonder fibre, courlene. Which did not rot and had considerably more strength. Boris’ son John joined the company full time after obtaining an accountancy degree in 1977, he has however been working with his father from the age of 5.

During the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Boris Nets developed pair trawling for bottom fishing, soon the order books were full with pair trawls for the Scottish fleet and the English big trawler fleet many of which converted to pair trawling. At the same time Boris Nets developed Pelagic Trawls for pair trawling for herring by the Scottish Fleet and single boat trawling for mackerel for the English fleet.

However in 1983 fish stock depletion and government legislation led to a massive decrease in the pelagic fishery. So Boris Nets looked elsewhere, the rapidly expanding fish farming sector was targeted and within 2 years Boris nets was a major supplier, Boris nets has been at the forefront of Cage net design since. Except for small mesh cages, all nets are mounted by hand. This is vastly superior to machine mounting because there is no risk of damage to the netting and a very precise amount of netting can be fitted to the rope maximising strength.

Boris Howard remained active and working in the business until he was over 80 years old, sadly he died in 2001, but his passion for the work has carried on through his son John and his daughter Josefa, John actually took over as Managing Director in 1979 – truly a family business.

In 2005, Boris Net continue to manufacture the very highest specification cage and fishing nets for the European market and exporting cage nets to the Mediterranean, the Canaries Islands and Caribbean and the rest of the world. Boris Net continues to be at the forefront of cage and fishing net design collaborating with several manufacturers looking at new net materials and methods of manufacture. Boris Net provides a friendly and direct high quality design and manufactures service and is ISO 9001/2000 compliant as is their supply chain.

Boris Net built the netting system for the Euro-fighter canopy ejection system and has also diversified into the safety netting -using their own approved Anchorman system and have also diversified into Leisure netting supplying and building modular netting systems for in-door soccer domes.