With the 2010 NBA Free Agency buzz pleasant much dead, there Remains four former mega celebrities that have yet to come across new NBA homes. At this point in their careers, these players must recognize whatever team picks them up, they are not the #1 option on offense.

T-Mac: Six Years Back T-Mac switched down the Bulls to signal Together with the Orlando Magic and just lasted with this business for 4 decades. This week T-Mac worked outside with the Bulls and also has Derrick Rose and recently acquired Kurt Thomas saying favorable things. Even McGrady spoke as though he was a part for this group. If McGrady can give the Bulls 20 minuets per night, that is fine with me. Hope that he signs.Follow on nbastreams

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SHAQ – Only at that stage in the livelihood of this Large Cactus, he is Slow, dropped his scoring capability, and dropped the job seeker to play with a full 82 games. Reports will be the Atlanta Hawks will select up the Diesel.

Starbury – If the NBA were just a 1-on-1 match, Marbury would Make A-Rod money. Through the years this shoot first point guard has found it difficult to grab on to an NBA team whereas he played his 2009-2010 season in China….WOW! If Starbury can alter his tone he could turn into an adequate backup for. . .The Miami Heat. He is cheap but nevertheless an excellent passer and ball handler (he’s a NYPG duh) and he will have no choice but to know his function.

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The Response – AI altered the sport now because all The young ball player emulate his variant of this crossover, the fire first point guard, also stat stuffing. After a short retirement last year the Sixers resigned only to ship him a couple of months afterwards. This 1st ballot HOF player ought to register with a group that is on the cusp within an NBA Championship. The clock will be ticking AI!

Clyde Drexler, Dennis Rodman, Michael Finley, Sam Cassell Are former celebrities that signed with championship clubs which led to a ring. Let us hope these 4 participant are smart enough to do the exact same.