Initially, as part of the CRAB project  the 5 most economically important fouling groups across Europe were identified from questionnaires.  These were considered to be:

            Algae        Mussels        Tubeworms        Barnacles         Ascidians

Further studies of the settlement and colonisation patterns found at the partner study sites can be accessed through the 'Case Studies' menu from the Research section of this website.  Available here are details of the 25 most common species, which  are described in terms of their physical appearance, habitat, ecology, reproductive biology and European distribution, along with potentail impacts on aquaculture.

The list is not exhaustive but can be used as a point of reference for similar species. For each species a photograph of an adult is provided and where possible pictures of the larvae are included.  Through monitoring the presence of larvae of key fouling species, the timing of cleaning practices can be better co-ordinated after large spatfalls of fouling organisms.

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