The eLearning section of the CRAB Project website provides online access the summaries of results and information collated during the duration of the study. The online resources are split between three sub-sections.


This represents an online version of the CRAB Project Biofouling Manual.

  • Descriptions of the 25 most common fouling species as identified over 2 years in a Pan-European fouling field study.
  • Details of environment & habitat, reproduction, distribution and stock and equipment affected are provided.
  • Photographs of adults and larval stages (where available) or related species  are included.


An overview of current and future strategies/technologies to manage biofouling are provided. Brief descriptions are available for each strategy and further information is given where a strategy is currently used by the industry in some form.


This section provides access the some of the key results from the research that has taken place during the CRAB Project. Further details are available within the CRAB Project Best Practice Guidelines or from the Project Co-ordinator Peter Willemsen.

  • Overview of the Pan-European baseline study of biofouling.
  • Case study summaries for major fouling group spatfall timing from 10 sites across Europe.
  • Case study summaries for community development (including video for some sites).
  • Outcome of trials of materials with potential for use by the aquaculture sector.