Val Akva

Site:Semi-exposed site in a fjord, cages to house stock.
Stock species:Atlantic Salmon

Monthly spatfalls

Key to spatfall groups


Algae or diatoms recruited all year, hydroids from April to November, Tubularia sp. from August to October, and barnacles in April, May, August. Ascidians recruited from June to August, blue mussels in June, July and October. Serpulids recruited from June to October.

Community development

Dominant species

  • kelps Alaria esculenta and Laminariasp.
  • ascidian Ciona intestinalis.
  • blue mussel Mytilus edulis

Changes in Wet Weight

The weight of fouling species attached to the panels increased each year to its highest in autumn, then decreasing to its lowest in late winter. However, the weight accumulation in each month was rather erratic.

Video shows developed fouling community on long-term panels deployed 2 m below the surface at Val Akva.