Site:Extremely exposed.  Stock reared in bags on long-lines.
Stock species:Oysters

Monthly spatfalls

Key to spatfall groups


Algae recruited all year round. Hydroids recruited all year other than December, serpulids and tube-forming amphipods recruited all year. Barnacles recruited in April, May and August, blue mussels in August, ascidians in June and July.

Community development

Dominant Species

  • tube-forming amphipods and polychaetes
  • Enteromorpha sp. and other algae
  • serpulids Pomatoceros sp.
  • barnacles Balanus perforatus

Changes in Wet Weight

The fouling weight increased until October 2005, with a rapid decrease afterwards. Until June 2006 there was a slight increase followed by another decrease and rather erratic from that date. Accumulated weight was highest in spring and summer, lowest in autumn.

Video shows developed fouling community on long-term panels deployed 2 m below the surface at Sagres.