Country:Spain (Canary Islands)
Site:Exposed. Cages used to house stock.
Stock species:Sea bream and bass

Monthly spatfalls

Key to spatfall groups


Algae, hydroids and tube-forming amphipods and serpulids recruited all year other than December. Tubularia sp. recruited in February, April and May. Barnacles recruited in January, March, June, July and September. Ascidians recruited in February, from April to November.

Community development

Dominant Species

  • tube-forming amphipods and polychaetes
  • solitary ascidian Pyura sp.
  • colonial ascidians
  • sponges

Changes in Wet Weight

The weight of fouling increased until March 2006 and then slowly decreased.

Video shows developed fouling community on long-term panels deployed 2 m below the surface at ADSA.