European Aquaculture Society (EAS)

An IAG and dissemination partner in CRAB, The European Aquaculture Society (EAS) promotes contacts within European aquaculture and provides forums for information exchange. EAS has members in 58 countries. The annual “Aquaculture Europe” meetings provide an update to the international community on the status of European aquaculture research and an excellent forum for exchange and networking. EAS also organises specific workshops for SMEs and provides further information through its publications and web site. From 1998 to 2003, EAS coordinated the AquaFlow network (QL5A-2000-30105), disseminating RTD information to SMEs in 16 languages, to an estimated total of 146 000 end-users across 19 countries. EAS is now coordinating a European platform for sustainable aquaculture development. The EAS contact person is Alistair Lane.

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