Boemlo Skjell

Bømlo Skjell is a small company on the coast of western Norway.
It is producing fry and grown out oysters of the species Ostrea eduls, the European flat oyster.

The company utilises a natural semi closed bay, where it is possible to keep a thin layer of fresh water on top of the seawater. This induces a “green house effect”, so that the underlying seawater is effectively heated by the incoming sunlight. In addition the semi closed bay is managed by addition of nutrients to improve the algae production.

By this the production in the bay is effectively controlled, and the production costs are kept low. This production has been running for more than 100 years. Today the company is involved in different experiments and projects to improve the efficiency of flat oyster production, including a project partly financed by the Norwegian Research Council on fouling control methods.

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One of our flat oyster locations