Alevines Y doradas SA (ADSA)

TINAMENOR Group is a fully integrated company involved in the marine fish farming since 1973. The company operates one hatchery in Cantabria (Spain) producing juveniles of sea bream, sea bass, turbot and mollusc seeds.

The on growing operations are located in the Canary Islands (Spain) where it has two farms. One of the farm producing 1.000 tons a year of sea bass and sea bream. Most of them of sizes over 1 kg.

One is a cage farm and the other is a land based farm producing sea bream of 500g. Juan José Ojeda Martín. Biologist for the university of the La Laguna, finished the studies in 1988. Since then he started being employed at Dorada Fish as technician of aquaculture, with the proper tasks of the cargo; until ends of 1990.

In this date until 1992 he was employed as Site Manager at Canamar, a farm of Sea Brass and Sea Beam at land. From and until our days he is employed as Site Manager at Alevines y Doradas, being an organizer and direct person in charge of the fish-farms of Sea Brass and Sea Beam that Alevines y Doradas possesses in Gran Canaria. With a normal production of 600 TN/year in cages in the sea.