M.I.C. is a young innovator in the field of strategic uses of materials, creating added value for end-users by implementing innovative materials in existing applications and processes.

M.I.C. develops materials for high technology end applications, aiming at the use of existing knowledge of innovative materials and implementing the knowledge in actual high performance applications giving high added value per product. Specific developments will be carried out in close collaboration with the end-users and an integrated approach is searched for the final implementation in production processes.

The technology M.I.C. focuses on is the materials used in interfaces between materials and environments. For any material in contact with an environment, an interaction takes place. Within this interface, materials technology plays a crucial role in the expected lifetime of products.

M.I.C. helps companies to upgrade existing materials. M.I.C. acts as running mate for companies and organisations that aim at a product or process that is superior in comparison with the competitors. M.I.C. acts as key development partner and if necessary act as technology consultant for the clients. Next to this M.I.C. also focuses on production facilities and secures the (pilot) production of building blocks for materials if there is sufficient market demand.

The Business of M.I.C. Is Focussed On:

  • The development of new material application
  • The sale of these new technologies to companies involved in the development process
  • The (pilot) production of the products in case the companies are not able to carry out the production in their own facilities

The company is highly dependent on innovative ideas on materials applications. The close collaboration with the Materials Technology Department of the Delft University of Technology, is be essential for this input. Therefore, the company has started as a Technostart Company within the department. In this way, highly skilled personnel can be used with still high innovative potential.

  • Examples of key-technologies [met sub-pagina‚Äôs]
  • Biological corrosion protection
  • Medical applications of silicon
  • Biofouling and biofouling prevention of surfaces
  • On line corrosion monitoring techniques
  • Advanced and common electrochemical measurements
  • Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy
  • (Electrochemical) atomic force microscopy
  • OCP, cyclic voltammetry, Rp-measurements visiting their facilities.