Dipping in Chemical Solution

Chemicals can help to either deter settlement of fouling organisms or kill them after settlement. Example chemicals are acetic acid, hydrated lime, saturated brine or hypochlorite solution. The use of chemical sprays have been reported to be more effective against soft bodied fouling species (e.g. ascidians).

Applicable to:

- Stock and infrastructure.


A number of different chemical solutions (acetic acid, hydrated lime, saturated brine or hypochlorite solution) have been used to kill fouling species on shellfish stock with differing levels of success.

Key Factors Positive

- This is a relatively cheap method for killing fouling before it can establish itself.

Key Factors Negative

- Any chemical application must be carefully considered for safety of work force.
- Also containment or neutralisation procedures to avoid environmental contamination must be considered.

Cost Benefit

None of the CRAB partners use this strategy at present so no cost benefit analysis was possible.

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