Living Coatings (Micro-organisms producing actives)

Surfaces are often colonised by micro-organisms until all available space is used up. In some systems this can prevent other species attaching. In this case the system can work in terms of "competition for space". Alternatively the micro-organisms can produce substances that deter settlement and growth of other species.


Promotion and establishment of growth of living organisms such as bacteria, on surfaces that would normally become excessively colonised by unwanted species.

Key Factors Positive

- A natural, environmentally safe solution (providing non foreign species are used).

Key Factors Negative

- The technique is very much in its infancy. However it is likely that this method could be difficult to maintain due to the large number of variables.

Cost Benefit

Potentially good but would depend if difficulties can be overcome.

Conclusions/ Discussion

Not yet a viable solution.

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