Medical is a very vast field with the advent of new technologies, researches and experiments it is flourishing day by day. To live a healthy life and have a healthy state of mind is the wish of every person. The people always try to live a better and healthy life and battle hard to get this aim. One main thing that was cogent and ancient people felt incapacitated in front of that was disease. Disease was really a misery in ancient times but men did not capitulate and were always in search of more healthy ways to have a healthier life. This is really appreciating and admiring. History reveals us that various men contributed to this vast and incredible field of medicine but some were a step ahead than others by their endless efforts and enthusiasm.

James Watson And Francis Crick

These two greatest medical contributors in 1955, discovered the structure of DNA . ‘Deoxyribo nucleic acid or DNA is a molecule that encrypt the genetic information for the functioning and development of all living organisms. It is one of the cardinal component for all known  life forms. Before them many conversations were made on DNA that it might transfer hereditary information to next generation , regarding its structure etc. But these two brilliant scientists explained the double helical structure of DNA. This discovery open many enigmas of life and accomplish them to be the most considerable contributors to medical field.

Ian Wilmut

He is an English embryologist, and is best known for the cloning of a sheep named as dolly. In 1996, research and experimentation led to formation of a mammal from somatic cell by cloning process. He was the head of that research team and the dolly was not an ordinary sheep, she was the xerox of another sheep. The ambition of the cloning is to reproduce stem cells and would be helping humanity. With the help of this technique animals multiplication can be done for farmers. This technique enables a capacious range of possibilities that would be astounding and rebarbative.

Louis Pasteur

He was a French chemist and microbiologist and was  one of the three  founders of medical microbiology. He was one of the skillful contributor of humanity,who created the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax. His thought that if there is vaccine for small pox then there would be vaccine for any disease. The germ theory of disease was supported by his work in which he proved that the cause of many infectious diseases are microorganisms, he is famous  due to invention of technique called  pasteurization to treat water and wine and preventing diseases from it.